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Here you will find answers to relevant questions on the Cadence Capital Platform. If you do not find a relevant answer, please contact support.
Which companies are part of the Cadence Capital Group?

The Cadence Capital Group consists of three companies:

1. Cadence Capital Company Limited is a company registered in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. The date and number of incorporation in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region's Register of Legal Entities is 2420359.

2. Cadence Capital Group PTY LTD is a company incorporated in Australia. Date and number of registration in the Australian Register of Legal Entities 106 551 062.

Cadence Capital World Limited - a company incorporated in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Date and number of incorporation in the register of legal entities of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland - 07077200.

In which jurisdictions are the companies of the Cadence Capital Group registered?

The companies of the Cadence Capital Group are incorporated formally in Hong Kong (Hong Kong Special Administrative Region), Australia and the United Kingdom (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland). Accordingly, the companies and group of companies are required to follow the laws of the jurisdictions and the requirements of the regulators. The legislation of Hong Kong, Australia and United Kingdom provides effective mechanisms for the protection of investors' rights, therefore, all investments on the Cadence Capital platform are legally protected.

How long has the Cadence Capital Group been on the market?

The first Cadence Capital Company Limited was registered in 2016. That's when the history of Cadence Capital group began. However, the work on the cryptocurrency market began much earlier. The specialists of Cadence Capital participated in the formation of cryptocurrency technologies, the work on the trading platform began in 2015.

What are the citizenship requirements for Cadence Capital platform users?

Cadence Capital platform does not establish restrictions on the citizenship and place of residence of users. However, users are obliged to independently follow the laws of their country of residence or citizenship.

What age is allowed to work on the Cadence Capital platform?

Cadence Capital Platform cooperates only with adult users who have the right to legally dispose of invested funds. The age of majority in the countries of registration of the Cadence Capital Group is 18 years. Users are obliged to ensure that they comply with the legislation of their country of residence or nationality.

How risky is it to trade on the Cadence Capital platform?

Cadence Capital ensures that your money is handled with care and responsibility. We take all necessary technical and organizational measures to ensure you get the most out of your investments.

At the same time, high-yield investments in cryptocurrency depend on market conditions, which can change rapidly and unpredictably. We assume that investors correctly assess the level of risk and are aware of the fact that Cadence Capital does not guarantee returns. Based on our experience and the performance of our traders, we consider the level of risk to be low and we will never offer investments that we ourselves would evaluate as risky.

How do I sign up for an account on the Cadence Capital Platform?

To register your account, go to the "Sign Up" page. Fill in the required fields in the registration form: enter your email address or phone number, set up your username and make up a password to sign in to your account. Please note: do not use simple names, dates and alphabetical combinations for your password. By clicking "Create account" you automatically agree to the Terms of Service, so we strongly recommend that you read the Terms of Service carefully before registering and continue registration only if you agree.

How many accounts can I register on Cadence Capital platform?

On Cadence Capital platform, you are allowed to register only one account. In case of multiple registrations, the user's account and the funds in his account may be blocked. If a third party is going to conduct operations on the platform from your IP address, be sure to inform the support service in advance.

How do I change my account password?

Go to the "Settings" tab, select "Password". Enter your current password and set a new password. Click the "Change" button. The new password is set. Be careful to keep your passwords safe.

How to set a payment password?

Payment password is used to authorize withdrawal transactions - it increases the security of your account. To set a payment password, go to "Settings", choose "Payment password". Set a new password, click on the button "Password". Payment password is set. Do not use simple passwords and never give your payment password to strangers.

How do I set up two-factor authentication?

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a strong tool for protecting your account. Even if attackers become aware of your passwords, 2FA technology is guaranteed to prevent unauthorized access. It is strongly recommended to install 2FA when you register your account.

To install 2FA, download the Google Authenticator app from GooglePlay or AppStore to your Android or iOS device.

Go to the "Settings" tab and select the "Google Authenticator" option. There you will find the generated QR code.

Launch the app and use it to scan the QR code. The app will give you a token. Enter the token in the "Authenticator token" field and click Enable.

Two-factor authentication is set and your account is secure.

How do I add cryptocurrency wallets?

Cryptocurrency wallets are used to withdraw your funds from the Cadence Capital platform.

Enter the "Wallets" tab, you'll see a list of your authorized wallets and fields for authorizing new wallets.

Choose a cryptocurrency and enter your wallet address. For some cryptocurrencies you may need to additionally specify Destination tag or Memo. Fill all fields and click "Add" button. Now you will be able to withdraw your funds regularly to this wallet.

If you have two-factor authentication enabled, confirm the action on your Android or iOS device.

You will also need it when you delete your wallet address.

I forgot my password - how do I access my account?

You can recover your password on the "Restore access" page. Enter e-mail address you used for registration, you will be sent the information you need to restore your access. If you used your mobile number to register you can only restore it via support service.

How does the Cadence Capital Platform work?

Users register accounts, choose investment strategies and plans and make deposits. Cryptocurrency is used to make deposits. Funds deposited work in high-yielding exchange-traded and over-the-counter cryptocurrency markets. Users earn profits as specified in the investment strategy and plan.

What investment strategies are available on the platform?

The Cadence Capital Group is constantly working on improving investment strategies. Today, the following strategies are available on the platform:

Algorithmic trading. Trading operations are carried out by a special trading robot according to the specified algorithms. Trading is conducted simultaneously on dozens of cryptocurrency exchanges, the most profitable deals are selected, the decision is made in a fraction of a second.

Professional trading. The traditional variant of exchange trading - is when transactions are made by professional traders. The traders of Cadence Capital are specialists who were involved in the creation of the very first cryptocurrency exchanges. Years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the market allow them to provide customers with the maximum profit.

Cloud Mining. Mining is the backbone of the cryptocurrency business. Investments in mining are profitable and safe. Cloud Mining from Cadence Capital is an effective investment tool.You do not need to spend money on equipment purchase and maintenance - through the cloud you join the mining center of Cadence Capital and get your share of the profit.

NFT-trading. NFT projects are one of the fastest growing and most promising areas of the crypto-business. Profitable work with NFT-projects requires not only knowledge of the crypto market, but also the ability to analyze "real" projects and assets. Profit comes from accurate analytics and impeccable calculations.

How to choose an investment strategy?

All investment strategies of Cadence Capital are safe and investment-attractive. It all depends on your personal preferences and attitude towards different areas of cryptocurrency business.

Calculate the returns of different strategies and plans, assess the risks and make a choice. Regardless of your choice, we will do our best to maximize your profits.

What is algorithmic trading?

Algorithmic trading is a special type of exchange trading in cryptocurrencies, conducted automatically by a specialized software complex - a trading robot. Trading is conducted simultaneously on dozens of leading cryptocurrency exchanges. The program selects the best options and executes transactions in a fraction of a second.

The algorithms are based on the practice of successful exchange operations over dozens of years of work. The trading robot analyzes many factors and makes business decisions based on accurate calculations. Errors caused by the "human factor" are excluded.

Today there are six Algorithmic trading investment offers on the Cadence Capital platform. Depending on the size of the deposit, the daily profit will be up to 1%. Accrual and payment of profits to the balance is made every second. The term of the deposit is unlimited, the investor can withdraw it at any time.

The return of the deposit is made within 8 hours after receiving the appropriate request. Fee for the return of the deposit is not charged.

Detailed information about the investment plans of Algorithmic trading can be found on the tab "Algorithmic trading".

What is Professional Trading?

Professional trading is a stock trading strategy in which investors entrust their funds to professional traders.

Professional trading is a traditional type of trading, which is historically conducted on various exchanges, including cryptocurrency exchanges.

Professionals have special knowledge, experience, the ability to work on all exchanges. Traders need to expertly understand the state and dynamics of the markets, evaluate projects, follow political processes - keep under control all factors that can affect the value of assets. All this allows to get maximum profitability.

Professional traders at Cadence Capital are world-class professionals with years of excellent track record.

How to top up balance?

On the Top Up tab choose the cryptocurrency you are going to top up with, enter the amount and choose the network. Press Continue - you will get details to get the funds on your balance. Copy the details and use them in your crypto wallet. For some cryptocurrencies you will need to specify additional Destination tag or Memo.

Funds will go to your balance after receiving the required number of network confirmations.

How to activate a deposit?

To create a deposit, choose an investment strategy and an investment plan. Payment is made on the New Investment page. You enter the size of the deposit and get the address of the cryptocurrency wallet. If you have enough funds on the internal balance of the platform, the required amount will be deducted from the balance and the deposit will be activated.

If you don't have enough funds on your internal balance, to activate the deposit, you must make a payment from your wallet to the received address. For some cryptocurrencies additional Destination tag or Memo is specified. Be sure to pay attention to which network the payment is sent to. If an incorrect network is selected, funds will be lost.

The deposit will be activated after receiving the appropriate number of confirmations. The number of confirmations is displayed on the payment page.

When are the profits accrued by the Professional trading strategy?

Profits on the Professional trading strategy are accrued each calendar day.

How to return funds from the Algorithmic trading strategy deposit?

On the "Deposits" tab, select the deposit from which you want to withdraw funds. Click the "Release the deposit" button. In 8 hours the funds will be returned to your balance. If you want to reactivate the deposit, click "Set active".

Does the Professional trading strategy return the deposit after the expiration date?

In the Professional trading strategy, the deposit is automatically refunded after expiration.

What should I do if I made a payment but my deposit hasn't been activated?

If you made a payment, but your deposit isn't activated, first of all check what details were used to send funds and check if you selected the correct network. The payment page indicates the number of confirmations received by your transaction, perhaps the payment is delayed due to the congestion of the blockchain. In most cases, payment failures are due to incorrect details and delays on the part of payment systems. If your deposit has not been activated within 24 hours after payment, contact our support team. We are most likely already working on a solution.

How do I withdraw funds from the Cadence Capital Platform?

Withdrawal of funds from the platform is made on the Dashboard page "Withdrawal of funds". Select the cryptocurrency, enter the amount and specify the wallet address. For some types of wallets you need to additionally specify Destination tag or Memo. Make sure you check which network the funds are sent to, if you choose the wrong one, the funds will be lost. If you do not know what network you should choose, please contact technical support and get professional advice.

If you have Payment Password or Google Authenticator activated, "Withdrawal confirmation" field will be active. Confirm the withdrawal, and the funds will be deposited to your account.

Are there any withdrawal fees for the Cadence Capital platform?

On the Cadence Capital Platform there are fixed limits on deposits and withdrawals and withdrawal fees. See the Fees section for up to date fees. Before withdrawing funds, check the fees set for your cryptocurrency. Cadence Capital does not consider withdrawal fees as a source of income, the fees are set at a minimum level, based on the fees in the cryptocurrency blockchain.

How fast are withdrawals from Cadence Capital's platform?

In most cases, funds are sent to your account instantly. Cadence Capital guarantees that funds are sent within 24 hours of receiving your withdrawal request. If the funds are not credited to your account within 72 hours, please contact our support team.

What is the Cadence Capital Affiliate Program?

An Cadence Capital Affiliate Program is a reward (bonus) program for attracting new customers to the platform.

How are the partnership bonuses calculated?

With the exception of Algorithmic Trading, an affiliate receives a bonus calculated as a percentage of the deposit made by the referred client. Bonuses begin to accrue as soon as a deposit is activated. The first level structure increases after the deposit is activated for the full amount.

In the case of Algorithmic Trading, the bonus is calculated as a percentage of profit and is accrued every second. The first level structure increases every second as long as the deposit is active by 3% per day.

How to become a partner of Cadence Capital?

In order to become an Cadence Capital partner you need to create an account on the platform. You will be able to attract investors and earn affiliate bonuses.

Go to the Partners section of the Dashboard. Your personal Referral Link is presented there. Distribute the Link to your friends, colleagues, business partners and get rewarded for every new referred client. You build your own affiliate structure and get up to 36% from the funds you attract.

In the "Partners" section there is full information about investments of your referrals and about the amount of your remuneration.

Where is my referral link located?

Your personal link can be found in the Partners section of the Dashboard menu. Copy the link and share it with your colleagues, friends, business partners. Every investor who follows your link becomes your referral, and you get bonuses for all investments made by them.

When are referral bonuses paid?

Referral bonus for all strategies except for Algorithmic Trading is credited at the moment of activating the investment made by your referral.

In case of Algorithmic Trading, bonuses are credited every second as long as your referral's deposit is active.

Immediately after accrual, you can withdraw the bonus to your wallet. Bonus amounts are shown in the Partners section of the Dashboard.

Control and plan your earnings in the Cadence Capital Affiliate Program.

Which trading strategies are affiliate programs?

All the investment strategies offered on the platform are affiliate programs. The only difference is that there are some conditions for accrual of bonuses.

Will I get a referral bonus if a referral reinvests funds from the account balance?

Referral bonuses are awarded for any investments made by your referral regardless of the source of funds, including investments paid from your account balance.

Can I change my upline?

It is possible to change your upline. Send a message to the Cadence Capital Support team, inform them in a free form and indicate your new name. When sending a message to the support service email, use your email address, linked to your account.

Support will check your request and make a decision promptly.

Can I participate in the affiliate program without making a deposit on Cadence Capital Platform?

Any platform user, regardless of the investments made, can participate in the Cadence Capital affiliate program. The affiliate program is available as soon as you register and create an account. Register and start earning.

What level of partner is accounted for in the partnership structure?
Only first-level partners are counted in the affiliate structure.